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With Live 10, Max for Live is bundled with your Live installation. Once youve installed Live, Max for Live is ready to use. Once youve installed Live, Max for Live is ready to use. However if you want to use a dedicated Max installation instead this is also possible (10.0.6 and later).

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Dub Machines is a pair of expertly designed Max for Live devices that reproduce, and expand on the sound of classic tape and analog delays. With vintage character, extensive control and deep sound-shaping capabilities, Dub Machines is ready to take any sound into space.

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Yes, but the current release of Live 10 includes an earlier version of Max 8 - not the version you can download on this page. Most of the new features and improvements in the new, standalone Max 8 application will be part a future Live 10 release.

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Max for Live is installed automatically when you install Live 10. Max for Live starts when Live launches. The bundled version of Max for Live cannot be uninstalled, but you can choose between using the bundled version or a separate installation of Max for Live.

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What’s new What is Live Max for Live Learn Live Integrated hardware Compare editions Buy now Get up and running with your existing setup – including your audio interface, MIDI connections, Plug-ins, sample library and more.

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Max for Live is now built into Live 10 Suite. Once Suite is installed you will be able to access Max for Live within Lives Browser. Once Suite is installed you will be able to …


Take command of your entire set with the Live API. Control your entire Live set from inside a single Max for Live device. The Live API Max objects let you create LFOs for anything, find unique ways to manipulate clip playback, or gather information about anything in the set.

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Once you open Live, go to the Preferences>Look/Feel with Ctrl + , and choose your preferred skin under, you probably already guessed it, Skins (up to Live 9) or Themes (from Live 10). Done. * depends on the respective Live version you have, e.g. Live 9 Suite. Mac OS X. The Skins zip-file will most likely be in the Downloads folder.

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Above you see a selection of Max For Live Devices Plugins from some of the top music software companies worldwide. Browse, Download and Buy our selection of Max For Live Devices Plugins, Effects and Instruments online today. Instruments that utilise Max For Live within Ableton.

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come installare max for live To install and set up Live 10 Trial, follow the instructions below. Go to the trial page. Use the drop down menu (left to the Download button) to select the Mac or Windows installer and click Download. Once the download has completed, unzip the ZIP archive file (PC) or mount the DMG file (Mac).

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come installare max for live Max for Live lets you build your own devices for use in Live. Create custom synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio effects, and much more. Max for Live also allows you to build devices that modify Live itself, including the properties of tracks, clips, and native Live devices. Here are our top 10 free Max for Live devices that you can grab: 1.

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Installing multiple versions of Live. Live Versions: All; Operating System: All; Its possible to have multiple different versions of Live installed on your computer. For example, you might want to have the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Live 9 installed. Downloading another Live version. Previous Live versions are available in the download archive.

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